Her Special Day

The most "can't-wait-for-it" celebration of the year 2009 is coming up. My sister's wedding. I'm so very excited about it, especially the part where I get to choose my Saree for the wedding day and my dress for the wedding dinner. Hehehe....

Actually I'm more excited about the wedding dinner because it is hosted by the bride's family (our side).

Well ofcourse we all are working hard on our part to make her special day, very very special. Dad's busy with the venue bookings and 'paresam'. Mum's busy on the house decoration and the 'paresam'. Anne & Anni (Brother & Sister-In-Law) busy with the decoration, photograph & video bookings, food, music and ect. And I'm busy deciding the saree and dress colour and the jeweleries. Not for the bride...it's for me.Hehehe..! And not to forget Jaya, who's very busy with her semester exams, I wonder what she'll be contributing for the wedding preparation.

The excitement is killing me, I actually went around the mall looking for a dress for the wedding dinner. And I saw this beautiful black dress with nice black shinny stones, stiched in flowery pattern on it. I really fell in love with the dress, and to my suprise it was only RM 200.00!! Oh wow...!

Then came the "too-bad-you-can't-have-it" part. It actually didn't fit me! It's size 'XS'...extra small!! (hey...I know what you're thinking...I'm size 'S' okay!) Ohh...my heart broke into pieces when the sales girl told me only size 'XS' is available.

But all this will never stop my quest to look for the most beautiful dress I can find (and afford to buy) for the dinner. Hehehe....

"To my dearest sister, Radha, wish you all the best!"