...wind blew the pages of my diary...

I was at Batu Ferringhi watching the beautiful sun setting and two child playing with the sand, happily chatting away and they too, I bet, were enjoying the beautiful sunset.
Streched my body, getting ready to dip myself in the sea water when the wind blew the pages of my old diary and just stopped at that one particular page.... the page I wrote many years ago...the page that I have not read all these years...the page that now reminds me of Josh....
I stood still for a few seconds, thinking if I should read it or just run to the beach, jump over the waves and say 'haha...u missed me'!! But my heart says..."read it...read it....". And so i took the diary and read it...

?? January 1998

1 MONTH AGO: I saw him at the library seriously preparing for finals. Books stacked up on his table, I could see his eyes focusing on that one page. Such a smart boy! How sad, he didn’t notice me sitting just opposite his table.

1 WEEK AGO: I saw him at the dance practice, showing off his cool moves, imitating MJ and then he stopped. The crowd cheered and whistled at him. I was there, leaning on a pillar, right beside a very tall figure. I cheered too. But how sad he didn’t notice me at all!

1 DAY AGO: I saw him gazing at a group of girls as they walked across his table and then he whispered something to his friend and smiled at the girls. Wow…what a smile! How sad he didn’t notice me sitting just beside his table.

1 HOUR AGO: I saw him running down the field, sweating and tired but still looking gorgeous, raising his hand proudly after scoring a goal for his team. I cheered together with the crowd but how sad he didn’t notice me at all!!

1 MINUTE AGO: I saw him sitting at the cafeteria having a hot cup of tea, chattering away with his friends. Isn’t he the cutest thing on earth! How sad he didn’t notice me at all!

1 SECOND AGO: I was sitting rite there waiting for a bus and there he was opposite the road waving at someone…..someone probably sitting beside me at the bus stop. Wait a minute…. There’s no one here. Oh my god ….. he’s waving at ME!!! He’s calling me….arrghh!!


NOW: I’m sitting right next to him admiring his sad face…his eyes filled with tears. What beautiful eyes. How sad, all this while I didn’t notice him looking at me.

Tears running down my cheeks...memories of Josh came into my mind....I remembered that sad day....or rather an embarrassing day of my whole entire life (actually there's even worse moments).... Josh was actually sad and with all that tears in his eyes because the bus ran over his pencil case!!! Arrghh...!!! He was waving at me, asking me to take his DUMB pencil case before the bus crushes it....

"Oh my god....why does things like this happen to me...."

I dropped the diary and ran to the beach, jumped over the waves and said...."haha Josh you missed me"!!!! ;-)