Thursday, August 3, 2017

So you want to cluck cluck or you want to fly....

This is how I interpret this quote. If you keep complaining about others mistake , not realizing your own and gossiping about others like how the chickens cluck and cluck and cluck....but never try to mend your own mistake or try to improve yourself you will never learn and will remain a chicken (ya a chicken...meaning you got no guts). Especially if you hang out with chickens that cluck and cluck all day...but in the end don't do anything...

But if you have the courage to accept your mistakes and willing to make it better, then you will fly like the eagle. Meaning you'll go somewhere higher and improve yourself. You must want to be like people who are like the eagles. So positive, confident and ready to accept own weakness.

So you want to cluck cluck or you want to fly....

I want to fly high like the eagles....

Sunday, July 23, 2017

Dressing Up

It's always hard to decide what to wear to work. Jayne is always not very happy with her wardrobe. Last night she ironed her favorite blue shirt and today morning she doesn't feel like she wants to wear that.

After going through her boring wardrobe, she gave up and just decided to wear her green kurti. Jade green with embroidered details on the collar and around the wrist. In my point of view, that is a very nice top.

Paired with red leggings , it will look fabulous. But Jayne doesn't think so. She thinks that she wears almost the same cloths all year round. I do agree with that...hahaha.

But anyhow, when Jayne  reached her office, she was already late, and praying that her colleagues will not notice her presence, and especially her boss will not appear in front of her and say '"YOU'RE LATE!!!". As she walked to the entry way....a tall dark handsome man ..... walked past her.

Jayne actually admires him a lot, I notice that in her eyes. But on the other hand, he hardly noticed her presence and couldn't be bothered to get to know her. But this time it was different, as she rushed to her space.... I noticed that he turned and looked at her, then he looked down, and he smiled slightly.

Wow....did the jade green attracted him, or did Jayne... 

Ooooo I must tell Jayne what I saw. She'll be so excited and jump from one fluffy cloud to another...that's how she describes herself when she is very happy. Though that is so ridiculous, she can never jump on a cloud...heeee.

*It's just a story*

Thursday, July 6, 2017

Bread Budding with Custard sauce

Bread Pudding with Custard Sauce which I made for dessert last night, was simply filling and delicious but not heavy. The ingredients I used for the bread pudding was bread of course =), fresh milk, sugar, custard powder, raisins, cardamom powder. I steamed it for about 30 minutes and that's it. Done =). Very simple recipe and takes very little time.

For the custard sauce, I just used custard powder, milk and sugar. After it's ready just pour it on to the bread pudding and tadaaaaa..... there you have a very tasty dessert. 

Anything home made is always finger licking good. So Happy Cooking =)

Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Memorable Trip

I just came back from Langkawi after attending a 2-day course. I would say it was really a memorable trip. On my way to Langkawi, I had a roller coaster ride on the plane for a few seconds. I was shocked when it happen, but the worst part was when some passengers started to scream. Not just any scream but the scream of death, that made me feel even more scared. Glad it did not end up in any disaster. I safely landed and reach my hotel room. I stayed in HIG hotel, the room was clean and pleasant environment.

After relaxing for quite some time and started getting bored, I thought I just wanted to have my late lunch opposite the hotel and do some shopping. I found a small shop selling all kind of bags, and I bought two small bags cause it will be useful later. I was satisfied with the price of the bags I bought, RM23 after bargaining. I was told that if the owner was around I could have got it cheaper. Owwww =(. After that I just bought some chocolates, went back to my hotel room and waited for my other colleagues.

Next day after our course ended, we decided to go to Pantai Cenang to see the sun set and have our dinner. Pantai Cenang is a really nice beach, and I'm probably thinking of going there for my next short vacation trip. And then came the next memorable part!!!! We had Thai food and since we were so hungry after the long walk, we just ate the meal not realising there was a special ingredient added to it. Tomyam cockroach , heard of that before? I thought we only ordered seafood Tom Yam, cockroaches aren't seafood, they are pest!! 

Imagine the look in our eyes when one of us found it, especially when the discovery was made after we already finished our meal. Disgusted!! Haha... it was really a memorable trip =).

Mandi Chicken

Good day. Last weekend I tried making Mandi Chicken. My first time making Saudi Arabia dish. I have not tried the original one. Looking forward to try this food soon. Coming back to the Mandi Chicken that I cooked last weekend, I actually saw this recipe on Youtube - Sajees Taste Zone. Have a look at my master piece, looks delicious rite???

The time when I was grinding all the roasted spice together, I must say it was really aromatic and tempting. The nutmeg, cardamom, dry ginger and cinnamon made it smell all so good. And the idea of steaming the chicken and later frying it I guess made the chicken more soft and tasty just like how it should be if I were to use an oven. 

Look at the spices, very pretty rite. Wait till you really 'mandi' the chicken with this blended Mandi spice. Then you'll be amazed how great it smells and after that taste it. Waaaa...really superb.

Then you can have a feast with your family , like I did. =) Happy cooking.

Tuesday, June 6, 2017


I am in a dilemma. I wonder why people who are in some position and a leader of a team, but they fail to guide their team members. Some incidents recently really made me feel that this person can't be a leader. And that's very sad. 

So sad, that it demotivates everyone including me, that I feel like I should leave. But if I think again, I like being in this team, so just because the leader can't lead us, doesn't mean I have to leave rite. 

So what should I do? Leader is not helpful, leader doesn't accept ideas from team members, leader want everything to be done his way, even when team members advised that it's not right, leader tries to avoid important meetings and rather go for some other activity, doesn't know how to prioritize which is important and which is not, or rather avoids such important matters. 

You might think I'm complaining. But I'm not, I'm rather frustrated by the leaders actions and irrelevant decisions. I thought it will change, but the leaders seems to errmmm... not want to change himself.  The worst part is, the leader calls me with his finger/hand, without opening his mouth and calling my name, like he wants to fight one to one with me.... eeeee that is so rude. No respect for others. Doesn't he have manners. What kind of attitude is this.. (disgusted and angry)!!!

So what should I do? Leave....? Or accept the point that I have to just do my part and the rest leave it, let time change everything....

I feel very unfair..... and I'm in a dilemma....

I wish everything was back to how it was last time... I wanna cry everytime I think of it. 

Friday, May 19, 2017

Paprik Ayam Made by Jayne

Paprik Ayam is my favourite Thai dish. It's very tasty, simple to cook and the smell of  kaffir lime leaves is so damn tempting and makes you feel hungry. Always wanted to try making it, and yesterday..... taadaaa..... tried it and really tasted so good. SO GOOD. Until I caught my husband sneaking up at midnight and finishing up the left overs of the Paprik Ayam. Hehehe... :D

Mainly I used Maggi's Oyster Sauce and Chili Sauce and light soy sauce for the sauce. Turned out to be a very tasty dish. Not forgetting the kaffir lime leaves. And all of us enjoyed our dinner. Happy Cooking!!

Sunday, May 7, 2017

Finding Motivation

This weekend I decided to bring the kids to Taiping Zoo. It's been quite a while since I brought them out. So, we got ready on this beautiful sunny Saturday and left for a short vacation. I was in Taiping many years ago just for few days for work purpose, so all that memories was coming back into picture  while we were driving in Taiping Town.

Wasn't really a good one, rather a bad experience staying in one of the hotels years ago. That time I really thought I will never ever return to this town again. Guess what that terrible experience was? Nothing really, terrible actually. =)...

Me and my colleagues were scared to death, because we were told that the hotel we booked was haunted and after hearing this, you guessed it, all of us had sleepless night, every sound we heard sounded like there was eerie things around us. And so the next day we changed hotel. Haha... seriously there was nothing really scary, just that we got totally scared and couldn't sleep and started imagining things.

So back to the weekend vacation, the actual purpose was I wanted so much to be at one place. That's the Taiping War Cemetery. Need a doze of motivation seriously. I need motivation badly. But who would go to a cemetery for motivation?? I would, this is not just any Cemetery, it's the 'final resting place for Allied personnel who were killed during World War II, particularly the Malayan Campaign and the Japanese occupation of Malaya' (Source:Wikipedia).

So the point is, if all this men can fight the war bravely, after all our daily problems are nothing compared to what they have gone through and sacrificed. That really motivates me. So here I am, very honored to stand here and take a photo. 

Battery fully charged, Monday here I come !!

Taiping War Cemetery, 07.05.2017