I Am The Most Happiest Person On Earth


I am the most happiest person on earth. 2 years I did not update my blog because I totally forgot my password after the surgery. OMG and today I was reading my blog post ' The Case of The Missing Files..' and I was really feeling sad I could not continue my blog but I just felt I should try to log in just one last time..

I tried once and  failed to log in. But .... the 2nd time it just popped into my mind and....walaaaa...I was signed in.

Where did the missing data went all this while in my brain. I guess the case of the missing files was not in Chief McTwiggies office, it was in my brain...missing data in Jayne Cody's brain database.

Phewww......finally....I found it. I am extremely happy to be back :). Thank you god! It's a medical miracle....... HAhahaha..........