A History of My Hairstyle

I'm out of topic. So I just took my Journal out and thought of posting one of my articles here. It's called A History of My Hairstyle, written early this year by me. Here goes...

I got this topic from the net. Then I sat and thought about the history of my hairstyles. I lived on earth for 26 years till this date, and today, it's time to write about a great history. A history to be kept and passed  on to my great great grandchildren. Cheh....!! I'll be a laughingstock to them. But then again, it's funny when you read it back.
When I was a baby, I was hairy like Hagrid from Harry Potter. My head was full of hair and it covered my ears too. Then after a few days, the hair that covered my ears dropped and everyone could see my ears again. As told by Mom.

Looking at the old albums, brings back old memories. But for me.... it shows a history of my hairstyles. I saw my 'few months old' baby photos. My hair was like Maggie Mee. Curls and locks were hanging over my shoulders. Just the hair every girl dreams to have. Nahhhh....just kidding. It was curls, curls and curls. McDonald's Onion Rings!!!

Then after my head was shaved bald......I was bald of course. Flipping through the photo album, I saw photographs of myself at the age 3+. It was totally different now. I don't know where all that Maggie curls went or who ate them. Now my hair was straight. Mum always took me to the saloon to cut my hair.

Nola.....just kidding. She cut my hair herself and shaped it like a mushroom. I looked like a mushroom head till I was about 8 years old I guess.

Then came the bad hair days. Or I can say bad hair YEARS!!!! Eventually my hair started to get wavy and I looked like I didn't comb my hair most of the days. I no longer get a mushroom like hair cut. Instead it was called 'bob cut'!!

Sadly, it lasted for years. I remember one of my teacher asked me to tie my hair for a special occasion in my school so that all the children in school will look tidy and the school would be praised. It was that bad....like a 'rats nest in a hurricane'. That special day I tied my hair like two mangoes, each hanging on each side of my ears. It was in Year 6.


I think I forgot to mention my hairstyle when I was in Year 3. How could I forget it!! Everyone laughed at me at school. Mum took me to the saloon (this time it's for real) and cut my hair REAL short. Like Halle Berry's haircut. It was the most embarrassing year of my hairstyle life. Now I knew why my hair started to grow wavy....all because of that 'Halle Berry' like cut!


That's about it. Over the years I chose to cut my hair my way. Time for mum to take a break from managing my head.


  1. Hahaha!! I'm still living in my bad hair years... :(


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