Who could it be?

This place is so beautiful. I don't remember seeing it even on TV. Somewhere, not far from this place, there is a river. I could hear the sound of water flowing. It's so calm and peaceful here. The birds are chirping so sweetly like as if they were singing. Where is this place, I wonder?

Tall trees with thick leaves covering the dark branches along the pathway. Wow it just takes my breath away. I took a slow deep breath. Mmmmm the smell of a forest. Rejuvenating. Oh, look!! There's a squirrel on that branch. I wish I could touch its soft fur.

But strange, the dry leaves were only on the pathway. Did someone just swept all the withered leaves onto the pathway. Impossible, how could they have done that? Where does this path lead to? It wouldn't hurt to find out. I don't want to stand here all day long though it's worth to be admired.

And so I walked down the path that looked like a curvy stream flowing with gold. Just after a short distance, I saw this tree house. Well, it wasn't really a tree house. It looked more like a real house which I really don't know how it got on top of a huge tree. It had a staircase that lead to the living room and it looks like it has many rooms and a kitchen. I see a chimney from down here.

I wonder who lives in here? When I meet that person, I really want to know how this house was put on top of a tree? Very strange. Maybe it's Santa Clause. In the middle of a forest.... Naaahhh...

The door was not locked, so I went in. Looks like no one was at home. I decided to do a little survey around the house. A beautiful white grand piano..., wait everything here is white. I went closer to a writing desk. There were a few letters on the desk. I could read one of it and maybe find out who owns this place. I know it's bad to read other people's personal stuff, but I guess it's okay because I desperately want to know who lives here.

I took one of the letter that has already been opened. Dear... Jayne.., ME? It was for me. This letter really looks familiar. When I read the rest of the letter, I felt a weird feeling in me. I felt like I lost something or rather someone. I felt that I was missing that person too much and I shouldn't have let that person go. A feeling that as if I have lost someone. But who could it be?