The first time I saw Radley, I just fell in love with it. I guess its love at first sight. Radley handbags. They are so adorable, cool and the design is something different compared to other designer handbags. Or is it just because I am so obsessed with dogs?

Yeah, I love dogs...too much. Radley has a Dog tag, a Scottish terrier as its mascot. It’s a real cute one. :) . The cute dog tag dangles on the handbag. Besides the handbags, they also have accessories like keyrings, purses, umbrella and etc.

Here in Malaysia you can get Radley at Robinsons and Parkson. But, it’s expensive, hwaaa!!! :(. So I am doing part time tutoring to get my very own Radley soon. Yes SOON. I just can’t wait for that day when I carry my very own Radley to work, shopping and everywhere I go. All eyes will be on my Radley, admiring and of course they’ll be jealous.

So beautiful

Radley Purses

(: Wish I had all of them :)