Friday, May 19, 2017

Paprik Ayam Made by Jayne

Paprik Ayam is my favourite Thai dish. It's very tasty, simple to cook and the smell of  kaffir lime leaves is so damn tempting and makes you feel hungry. Always wanted to try making it, and yesterday..... taadaaa..... tried it and really tasted so good. SO GOOD. Until I caught my husband sneaking up at midnight and finishing up the left overs of the Paprik Ayam. Hehehe... :D

Mainly I used Maggi's Oyster Sauce and Chili Sauce and light soy sauce for the sauce. Turned out to be a very tasty dish. Not forgetting the kaffir lime leaves. And all of us enjoyed our dinner. Happy Cooking!!

Sunday, May 7, 2017

Finding Motivation

This weekend I decided to bring the kids to Taiping Zoo. It's been quite a while since I brought them out. So, we got ready on this beautiful sunny Saturday and left for a short vacation. I was in Taiping many years ago just for few days for work purpose, so all that memories was coming back into picture  while we were driving in Taiping Town.

Wasn't really a good one, rather a bad experience staying in one of the hotels years ago. That time I really thought I will never ever return to this town again. Guess what that terrible experience was? Nothing really, terrible actually. =)...

Me and my colleagues were scared to death, because we were told that the hotel we booked was haunted and after hearing this, you guessed it, all of us had sleepless night, every sound we heard sounded like there was eerie things around us. And so the next day we changed hotel. Haha... seriously there was nothing really scary, just that we got totally scared and couldn't sleep and started imagining things.

So back to the weekend vacation, the actual purpose was I wanted so much to be at one place. That's the Taiping War Cemetery. Need a doze of motivation seriously. I need motivation badly. But who would go to a cemetery for motivation?? I would, this is not just any Cemetery, it's the 'final resting place for Allied personnel who were killed during World War II, particularly the Malayan Campaign and the Japanese occupation of Malaya' (Source:Wikipedia).

So the point is, if all this men can fight the war bravely, after all our daily problems are nothing compared to what they have gone through and sacrificed. That really motivates me. So here I am, very honored to stand here and take a photo. 

Battery fully charged, Monday here I come !!

Taiping War Cemetery, 07.05.2017

Friday, May 5, 2017

Beautiful Life

What a fantastic view. Such a cozy and wonderful place to be in. It feels so calm to sit by the window and just gaze outside. Gaze for as long as I want, just not thinking about anything at all.

That's really nice to do sometimes, especially when you are really exhausted and drained out. A cup of coffee and a nice slow music will make it even better. Right?

Or maybe I should turn the table facing the view, will be such a perfect place to sit and write my diary or blog. You get a lot of ideas when your are just sitting and doing nothing.

That's when all the ideas will pop in to your mind. Solutions to everyday problem and also motivates me to continue my day.

I am blessed to be here. I love this place so much, probably will really miss it when finally one day I have to leave. Sad but memories will remain with me forever. 

One of the most nicest place I've been so far and one very nice person I met here. I am truly blessed. Thank you GOD.